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- A C T R E S S -


"I'll figure it out." 

Inside Megan L Williams

I was born and raised in Clinton, Missouri, a tiny town with only six stop lights. Growing up in a small farm town my dreams of being on the silver screen seemed like a fairy-tail. So, I did what most teenagers do and I attended college at Missouri State University. I majored in Marketing and Sales with an emphasis in Administration but after graduation I became restless and wanted more. Over and over again the silver screen kept calling my name! I felt it in my soul that I needed to at least give my dream shot. With the encouragement from my Grandma, I decided to pack my car with what little clothes would fit, my precious pup, Brutus, and headed to California to make my dream a reality.

Three years  later and I’m now extensively trained in commercials, film and television.  My most recent project includes The “H” Word, a short film that I wrote, produced and stared in. I took the initiative with this project and registered it with SAG-AFTRA to obtain my SAG membership. Producing while being on camera was one of the best learning experiences of my career! When I’m not on set I am constantly striving to better myself and my acting. I do this by attending ongoing classes, self-submitting, and creating my own projects. 

I can’t picture myself doing anything else. I’ve never been happier!!



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